What AgDNA Does

AgDNA Does - Equipment Integration

Through data licensing agreements with the major equipment manufacturers, AgDNA integrates with your in-field farm machinery. With AgDNA Precision you can send guidance lines, setup files, Rx prescriptions to your equipment wirelessly or via manual upload. The system also generates utilisation reports and records all inputs, application and fuel use to create an expense report matched to every hectare.

With AgDNA you can turn your tractor, sprayer or header into a book keeper. Using the precise equipment data that is generated during the operation, AgDNA is able to automatically calculate the cost of each activity at its precise location throughout the field. This data is then used to build a profitability map by comparing all costs with yield in the AgDNA profit map feature.

With wireless connectivity to your equipment you can view current location, manage logistics, run activity reports, see fuel levels, view alarms and more. With data transfer capability, you can upload activity setup and prescription files directly to the machine saving valuable time and ensuring the correct file is matched to each machine.*

*This feature is deliverable by Crux Data Analytics in Australia and NZ based on the assumption the equipment is fitted with a compatible telemetry solution and networked connectivity is available. If you are unsure we are happy to do a Customer Set Up Check list for you.

Go to our Products page for an up to date list of compatible machines and consoles.


AgDNA Does - Agronomic Insights

The AgDNA platform is capable of automatically analysing thousands of of data points across every hectare to determine precisely what is going on. AgDNA can enable you to gather and analyse the information you need to help identify problems before they may impact yield. It can also provide the information you need to make informed decisions throughout the season to maximize profit and minimize risk.

  • AgDNA can use the yield maps you have created in the past.

  • AgDNA will enable you to create your own yield maps, NDVI imagery, management zones and Variable Rate Application prescription maps without having to pay a third party and then wait for the results.

  • AgDNA will enable you to analyse yield by seed variety, elevation, soil type and then allow you to create your own Variable Rate Seeding prescriptions.

  • AgDNA is able to deliver growers agronomic insights at their finger tips that have been previously unavailable.


AgDNA Does - Precision Farming

Get the most out our your equipment and turn your data into analysable information. AgDNA delivers your agronomic data in near real-time for all of your seeding, application and yield activities. The software then analyses this data spatially for weather, elevation, soil and imagery on every hectare for agronomic insights.

AgDNA is able to combine the precision data from your equipment with other independent data sources including spatial layers for:

  • Agronomic - NDVI imagery, seeding, applications, yield.

  • Topographic - soil, elevation, slope.

  • Weather - rainfall, temperature, wind, humidity.

  • Equipment - fuel, speed, location, activity setup.

  • Prescriptions - seeding, application, irrigation.

  • Other - Profitability maps, management zones and benchmarking.


AgDNA Does - Inventory Management

AgDNA makes inventory management easier due to its high level of integration and flexibility. By using the data directly from your equipment and activities, you spend less time entering data and more time running your operation. Your reporting tools will tell you;

  • precisely how much was used

  • where is was applied

  • how much it cost

  • reconcile it with the remaining inventory

  • allocates the correct product purchase amounts

  • totals into the financial reports for each farm and field.

Operator didn’t enter the correct tank mix on the controller in the cab? No problem. With AgDNA you can edit tank mixes, blends and all other crop inputs after the job is complete. The system then applies the correct totals against the application rates and adjusts the inventory and financials automatically.


AgDNA Does - Financial Reporting

Move away from complex spreadsheets and start automatically entering seed, fertilizer and chemical costs directly from your equipment. Fuel consumption, operating costs and other overheads are also automatically calculated and assigned to each farm and field. Then generate income and expense reports and know the financial break-even for every field.

Generate detailed financial reports with AgDNA’s Farm Financial tool. Track fixed and variable costs, total expenditure by field, projected yield and commodity price comparisons. Keep a running total of every field with real-time data streaming direct from your equipment to your financial reports.

The AgDNA platform becomes a comprehensive book keeping tool for farmers in the 21st century.