Make Every Hectare Count

AgDNA is Grower Focused

AgDNA is a cloud-based Farm Management Software application and web platform that was designed specifically with the future of farming in mind. It empowers farmers with the ability to monitor, manage and make informed decisions about their entire farming operation.

AgDNA is the Future of Farming

The days of manually entering data into a spreadsheet are numbered. AgDNA has brought the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to agriculture as a comprehensive enterprise level farm management platform that covers all your data needs. Farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization, financial records generated by your activities and data.


by making it simple to get started

Most growers already have much of the data they need to get started. On the consoles in their machines, recommendations from their agronomist, their rural merchandise supplier records, yield data, spray records etc.

If you are not confident that you or your team want to do this Crux Data Analytics has a full service option for on boarding your farming enterprise into your AgDNA account.


by managing all of your data in one place

With AgDNA you can capture all of your on farm activities on the go using your smartphone, tablet or webrowser on your laptop or computer. With AgDNA selected farming equipment will automatically upload in field activities in real time as they happen.

Capture all of your critical farming information on the go or directly from your equipment using AgDNA. With your seeding, application, spraying and yield information online you can plan upcoming activities, manage logistics, share data with your agronomists and advisors to make more informed decisions.


by delivering insights to you at your fingertips

The AgDNA platform is capable of automatically analysing thousands of of data points across every hectare to determine precisely what is going on. It can provide the information you need to make informed decisions throughout the season to maximize profit and minimize risk.

  • AgDNA can use the yield maps you have created in the past.

  • AgDNA will enable you to create your own yield maps, NDVI imagery, management zones and Variable Rate Application prescription maps without having to pay a third party and then wait for the results.

  • AgDNA will enable you to analyse yield by seed variety, elevation, soil type and then allow you to create your own Variable Rate Seeding prescriptions.

  • AgDNA is able to deliver growers agronomic insights at their finger tips that have been previously unavailable.

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by linking your farm with your agronomist, contractors and advisors

AgDNA is unique in Australia and New Zealand in having the AgDNA Connect App for AgDNA growers’ Agronomists, Contractors and Advisors. AgDNA Connect allows our growers to give access to their agronomists, contractors and advisors to supply scouting, recommendations, upload yield/spray/application data and a capacity to view the growers enterprise in real time.

AgDNA Connect App is supplied at no cost, with no per device limits as we understand that our AgDNA growers own their own data.

AgDNA Connect App is compatible with all Apple and Android smart phones and devices.


by integrating your financials, record keeping and planning in one place

Move away from complex spreadsheets and start automatically entering seed, fertiliser and chemical costs directly from your equipment. Fuel consumption, operating costs and other overheads are also automatically calculated and assigned to each field. Then generate income and expense reports and know the financial break-even for every field.

The AgDNA Platform becomes a comprehensive book keeping tool for farmers in the 21st century.